About us

Company name:Meikodo Co., Ltd
Brand name:Crown Fox
President:Ryutaro Kawaguchi
Business lines:Manufacture and sale of various pins, electric part products,
metal processing products, plastic injection products, mold for plastic injection, machine and equipment
Office:4-1-36, Ohsu, Fuchu-cho, Aki-gun,
Hiroshima Pref., 735-0021 Japan
TEL: 0081-82-581-2400
FAX: 0081-82-581-2406
E-Mail: info-overseas@meikodo.co.jp
Subsidiaries:Jiangyin Meikodo Stationery & Accessory Corp. (China)
Meikodo Shanghai Co., Ltd.
Meikodo Cambodia Co., Ltd.


From Hiroshima station
Take JR Gebi line from Platform 9. Get off at Yaga station and then just 5 minutes walk.

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April, 1949:Founded in Hiroshima.
Began the manufacture of Flower Pins for the export
June, 1950:Received excellent article awarding from the president of Japan trade public exhibition meeting
September,1951Began the manufacture of Shirt Pins
March,1955Awarded from the Hiroshima mayor as the excellent factory in Hiroshima City
March,1957Began the manufacture of Crown Pins
Awarded by the labor minister by the cooperation of "work analysis implementation"
May,1957Began the manufacture of Map Pins
March,1958Registered the new idea of the new product "Shirt Pin "
December,1958Began the export of Steel Pins
December,1959Began the export of Stainless steel Pins
October,1961By the contrivance of the new product Shirt Pin, Meikodo was awarded by the chairman of Corporation Invention Society and the prefecture governor
April,1962Awarded from Hiroshima mayor by the excellent article invention of Pearl Shirt Pin
May,1962Began the manufacture of America Pins
July,1967Began the manufacture of Push Pins
January,1968Began the manufacture of T-pins (for the export)
June, 1969Contracted the Sole Agent Agreement for the sales of Shirt Pins in Hong Kong area with Hoover Button Factory
September,1970Began the supply of Collector Pins for alkali battery in Japan
October,1977Contracted the Sole Agent Agreement for the sales of Shirt Pins in Taiwan area with Giant Ten International Co., Ltd
January,1980Began the manufacture of Ace Clip
February,1986Started the delivery of the electric part to Daikin Industries, Ltd
March,1988Started the production of Ace Clip NO.175(Stainless Steel Clips)
April,1988Started the manufacture of mold for plastic injection
March,1991The establishment of the Mold Department was announced
April,1994Began the order of the Pins for the electric power meter from Mitsubishi Electric corp
September,1994Began the production of Steel Pins and Push Pins in china
November,1994Commended by Hiroshima mayor by the recommendation of Hiroshima Industry Technology Center
March,2000Established China factory "Jiangyin Meikodo Stationery & Accessory Corporation"
June, 2002Fuchu second factory was completed
September, 2002Acquired Yao Keeper Co., Ltd and started the operation of collar keeper, collar supporter
June, 2010Established Meikodo (Shanghai) Co., Ltd
January, 2013Established Meikodo Cambodia Co., Ltd